Serie A Champion Napoli After Barcelona’s Clément Lenglet

Napoli, the defending champions of Serie A, is in the market for a reliable defender. The events have heated up so much that even casino bonus codes, as well as betting odds, are being offered by operators on potential transfers to this top-tier Italian football club!

Napoli got its first Serie A victory in 33 years last year thanks to Victor Osimhen’s goal in the 2nd half against Udinese Calcio. The club doesn’t want to fall back into the trophy drought and so it’s filling the gaps in the team for the 2023/24 season.

Barcelona appointed former star Xavi Hernandez as the team manager, he has rewired the team. Many believe his management brought Barca the massive lead in the 2022-2023 LaLiga. One of the changes he’s currently asking for is the auctioning of Clement Lenglet.

Lenglet came back to Barcelona for the new season, but the team doesn’t seem to want him. After the word of this went out, his former club Tottenham also showed interest. Reports indicate that a few teams from Saudi Arabia are also interested in sweeping him from Barcelona.

At the same time, the current Serie A champion Napoli has been looking for a reliable defender. It’s no surprise as one of its core players, Kim Min-Jae, left to join Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Current data shows that Barcelona is asking for €15 million for Lenglet. His impressive stats and prowess as a defender make it a very lucrative deal for all the interested clubs in the pipeline. So, chances are high that Napoli will try its hardest to grab him from Barcelona.

Apart from protecting their own post at any cost, Napoli is also splashing a lot of cash to strengthen the midfield. According to the latest updates, the Serie A champions are days away from signing Gabri Veiga for a staggering €35 million! That’s a bigger commitment than Napoli is ready to make for Clement.

Veiga has been turning eyes in recent years for his current club, RC Celta de Vigo. Fans are dubbing the 2022/23 La Liga as the breakout season for the 21-year old prodigious Spanish. He has been prominent in the Euro U-21 before that as well. 

With Veiga in the midfield and Clement in defense, Napoli will be a very hard opponent to beat in this Serie A. 

A very important piece of the puzzle, the coach, is also new for Napoli. He replaced Luciano Spalletti who was appointed based on his two Russian league victories. But the man they appointed is anything but new in football. 

Rudy Garcia, decorated with one Ligue 1 title for Lille and experience with AS Roma, Lyon, Marseille, and Al Nassr, Rudy is the last nail in the coffin of Napoli’s Serie A opponents. 

In the Serie A 2023/24 for the kick-off match, Napoli will go against Frosinone. The campaign starts this August 19. It’ll run till May 26 and decide the new (or old) champion of the Serie A.

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