Zlatan Ibrahimović: “I’ve never thought about quitting.”

Zlatan Ibrahimović spoke today in a press conference from Sweden national team’s headquarters and he has confirmed that he has never thought about retirement despite a knee surgery that ruled him out for eight months.

“It would have been easy to quit after winning the Scudetto. Too easy, really. I had three surgeries in 14 months. There has been a moment where my knee’s conditions did not improve, I was in a tunnel and I could not see the light. Finally things have started to go for the best”.

Ibrahimović reiterated his willingness to keep on playing by underlining what motivates him the most.

“I’ve never thought about quitting. Challenges give me adrenaline. Since I was young, you journalists wrote about me telling that I was too different, chaotic and egocentric. Actually you’ve helped me and you’re still helping me. I want to prove wrong whoever doubts me”.

When asked about what he’ll do the day he’ll decide to retire, Ibrahimović cut short by repeating that he still loves to be a footballer.

“I’ve many offers but I don’t want to think about it yet because I still see myself as a player. Everybody asks me how I feel but you should ask to the young players how they feel as I’m still playing with them”.

“I’ve been celebrated because I’ve become Serie A’s oldest goalscorer but I don’t want a record because I’m old. I want them for who I am, for what I do”.

The only time Ibrahimović cracked a bit was when asked about the time he trained alongside his 17-years old son Maximilian with Milan.

“It’s a dream for a father, no? Playing alongside your son. He was super hyped and he told me that he would have tackled me if he needed to. So I told Pioli (Milan’s coach) to put us in the same team. If you ask him about his style play, he’ll tell you that he got nothing from me. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that he got everything from me”.


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