How Serie A could turn into an 18-team league


There remains a possibility of Serie A turning into an 18-team league in the future, with talks and discussions still ongoing.

Corriere della Sera have provided some details about the scenario today, stating that Milan, Inter, Juventus and Roma requsted for a meeting with FIGC chief Gabriele Gravina to discuss about the 18-team plan. Gravina accepted to join the meeting and it is suggested that the scenario is rather peaceful, as of now.

Gravina has prepared a reform that addresses various aspects and different needs, in particular the economic one, but Serie A has not taken it well. The reform would only be passed if 14 teams in the league vote in favour of it and Beppe Marotta spoke about this issue with Gravina yesterday. Three executives from Juventus have also spoken about it with the FIGC chief.

The four clubs mentioned are in favour of the reform as it would lead to them playing a lesser number of games, which would help them in the current environment. It was previously suggested that the lesser clubs may not be in favour of it but it remains to be seen how the situation progresses, with a new meeting to take place on Monday.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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