Judgement in Francesco Acerbi racism scandal could arrive tomorrow

The judgement in the racism scandal surrounding Inter defender Francesco Acerbi could arrive tomorrow.

Both Juan Jesus and Inter’s Acerbi have been heard by the prosecutor who is handling the racism case, which dates back to a week ago, when Napoli had taken on Inter in the Serie A. Acerbi has stated that he didn’t make any racial remarks and he only stated that he would beat Jesus ‘black [and blue], but the Brazilian remains clear in his stance.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state today that in the last few days, Acerbi has had no contact with Jesus and has only been with his family in this time of chaos. He will not take part in Inter training today and tomorrow, with Simone Inzaghi having given him a couple of days’ off.

The file of the case has now closed and barring any twists and turns, a decision will arrive tomorrow. If Acerbi is found guilty, a sanction of ten games will be imposed on the Italian. But it could also be a bigger sanction and apply for a fixed period.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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