Mario Balotelli on Inter’s Francesco Acerbi’s racism case racism charges: “He might have been protected”

Italian striker Mario Balotelli intervened in the Francesco Acerbi-Juan Jesus controversy surrounding racism in the Serie A.

Speaking in an interview with Controcampo via Alfredo Pedulla, former Milan forward Mario Balotelli commented on the court’s judgement which acquitted Inter defender Francesco Acerbi of racism charges. The 36-year-old was tried in court as he allegedly used a racist insult towards Napoli man Juan Jesus when their respective sides met each other this season.

After thoroughly investigating several camera angles and speech recognition from microphones, the court found no evidence of Acerbi using derogatory remarks. On this, Balotelli said: “There are twenty thousand cameras, twenty thousand microphones and they couldn’t find proof of Acerbi’s insult?”

The Adana Demirspor striker raised an issue of ‘protection’ which might have influenced the court’s judgement on the matter. Mario Balotelli said: “According to me, there could be a protection issue.” 

The dust has settled down in the case as both Francesco Acerbi and Juan Jesus have returned in full flow playing for their respective teams. Acerbi did give an interview about the situation after Jesus released a statement through Napoli, questioning the judgement.



Trambak Bhattacherjee | GIFN


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