Paul Pogba’s Juventus stint all but over

Juventus star Paul Pogba’s stint at the Bianconeri is all but over after a four-year ban was announced yesterday.

The French midfielder had tested positive for testosterone earlier in the season and after a counter-analysis failed to overturn the judgement, it was announced yesterday that Pogba will be banned from football for four years now. The player will be appealing against the decision and that has been announced already by the midfielder.

Nicola Balice has reported that the expectation is that he would leave Juve. The club is yet to announce the decision regarding the player and the idea is that they would only do that when the last steps are finalised and carried out.

When all is said and done, Pogba’s contract will be terminated. Very little will change for the club financially as Pogba is on a minimum salary right now, with his current deal running out in the summer of 2026. But in terms of what Juve initially paid for the player in wages, they would get a big room to maneuver with their own wages and transfers.

While there is talk of the fact that Juve could take legal action against Pogba, rumours aren’t confirmed yet.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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