Conte | “We must fight to change our own destiny at Inter”

Inter boss Antonio Conte insists his side “must fight to change their own destiny” and believes that they are making progress in catching up to Juventus.

“Will it be a continuation of the cycle for Juve or can we end it?,” the Coach told Il Corriere dello Sport. “I think that it doesn’t cost anything for Inter or Napoli fans to believe they can do it, we have started to catch up but at the same time we must be objective and be mindful of reality and what awaits us.

“I have expressed my thoughts right from the very beginning, I never waited for the Juve match to do so. I have already said that Juventus have obviously been superior, and Napoli are also a top team. Both of them have built and delivered more than the other sides, and Inter are included in this.

“This gap exists and it’s difficult to deny it. From our point of view, we have put ourselves in the discussion through hard work, readiness, reliability and clarity, over time this will bring progress, make us competitive and bring satisfaction to our fans.

“We must be courageous and have a clear vision of the present to understand the future. At Inter, only one verb must exist: to work hard to find improvements and to become challengers. We must not impose limits, but we must also be realistic and to relearn the difference between us and others, it’s imperative that we are aware that we must fight to change the outcome and the course of our own destiny.”

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