Dušan Vlahović on the return of training sessions: “We’ve made a first step towards a return to normality.”

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport, Fiorentina forward Dušan Vlahović spoke about the club’s return to training, the prospect of the season resuming and his ambitions with the club and his national team.

“Training sessions are still quite different to what we’re used to, but we’ve made a first step towards a return to normality. Whether it be the manager or his staff, during the lockdown they’ve never let go of us. The fact that we’ve continued to work, even with the limitations of the situation, has been very useful. Now that we’re back on the pitch, we can enjoy having a decent physical condition.”

“[Regarding playing every three days in summer] I want to return to the pitch so much that I’m not asking myself too many questions. I’m glad that all of the necessary precautions in order to restart are being presented, so that the safety of everyone, players and staff, is guaranteed.”

“My dream has only one colour, and it’s Viola, I hope I can win something here.Then, I can’t hide that I have another: I would like to play in a World Cup with Serbia.”

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