Fabio Capello on coaching Zlatan Ibrahimović at Juventus: “I took away the joy he had in playing, but he became a true goalscorer.”

In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, former manager Fabio Capello went over various anecdotes from his career on the touchline, notably regarding his season at Madrid with Antonio Cassano, and Zlatan Ibrahimović at Juventus.

“My great regret is with Antonio Cassano. I tried to bring him back in every way possible, to have him play how he knew because he was a great player. But I didn’t manage it. We spoke a few days ago and he said that his wife set his head straight. So I asked him, why didn’t he get married at 21?”

“With [Ibrahimović] I had to deal with a prideful and determined boy, who understood that advice was give for improvement. I told him, ‘enough with Ajax’. I wanted fewer tricks, less aesthetics and more practice from him. I took the joy he had in playing, but he became a true goalscorer while keeping his technique. But the credit goes to him for taking my advice on board.”

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