Francesco Acerbi on his cancer diagnosis in 2013: “I couldn’t tell my family. I went on a bike ride to clear my mind.”

In an interview conducted over Instagram Live on the page ‘Che fatica la vita da bomber’, Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi discussed his plans for the future, as well as how he reacted on receiving the news of his testicular cancer diagnosis in 2013.

“I can see myself becoming a manager, I like being within a group and teaching young players.”

[On his tumor in 2013] “I couldn’t tell my family [when I discovered it]. I went on a bike ride to clear my mind. Luckily the operation came a few days later.. But the second time I did chemo I felt the same, it was a turning point for my career. I could have gone to Leicester, or to Mancini’s Zenit. But I didn’t want to leave Sassuolo, they did a lot for me during my illness.”

“It’s my fault I’m single, I have a difficult personality – I only think of football. At 32, I’d like to have a family and children.”

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