Italian Minister for Sport hesitant on resuming Serie A: “Football is the least of our worries.”

Speaking to Rai 2‘s news broadcast, Italian Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora voiced his concerns about football resuming, with training sessions set to begin again on the 4th of May, the date set by the country’s football authorities.

“Today, resuming training sessions on the 4th of May or the season starting again are not a given. When the world of football doesn’t want to decide or doesn’t do it for economic reasons, they say the government should decide. When the government intervenes, then they decide to claim their autonomy.”

“Football is the least of our problems. Right now we can’t go ahead with anything reopening unless we understand what it means for the country. We have to understand whether the world of football is ready to start again. I’ll monitor closely the training sessions, but that shouldn’t gve the illusions that  the season will automatically start again.”

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