Hernán Crespo on his Inter departure: “They sold me to Chelsea without me knowing. I had bought a house in Milan ten days before.”

In an Instagram Live with former team-mate Christian Vieri, Hernán Crespo took a look back on his relationship with his fellow striker, his sale to Chelsea and his managerial career to date.

“Managing in Argentina is amazing, there are so many talents, even if you have to deal with certain social situations which, thank God, don’t exist in Italy. It’s a great place to train as a coach.”

“[Inter] sold me to Chelsea without me knowing. I’d bought a house in Milan ten days before, I had another four years on my contract and I was very happy. We reached the semi finals of the Champions League and finished second in the league behind Juve. Then they tell me: ‘we’ve sold you to Chelsea’.”

“[Jokingly, to Vieri] It seemed like we had a deal, I scored in the Champions League and you in the league. I remember you paid attention to every little thing in training, for me it was a surprise to see how you trained, how looked after your diet. They always told me I was strong, but next to you I seemed like a little gazelle!”

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