Italian Olympic Committee releases statement suspending all domestic sports until April 3rd

The CONI, Italian Olympic Committee, released a statement following a meeting this afternoon, headed by committee president Giovanni Malagò, during which it was agreed upon that all domestic sporting events in the country would be postponed for the next month.

“All team sport competitions are suspended, at all levels, until the 3rd of April 2020. […] In order for the above point to be respected, the government is requested to issue a relevant decree to overrule the current one in place.”

“The CONI also points out that international competitions, be it for clubs or national teams, do not fall under its jurisdiction and as such cannot be regulated by such decisions.”

“We have for several days been supporting, and will continue to support, indivudual federations in initiatives they intend to undertake with their respective international organisations in order to harmonise their calendars and events, especially in view of upcoming Olympic qualification deadlines.”

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