Massimo Moratti on Messi to Inter: “It’s not an impossible dream.”

Speaking to Rai Radio 1, former Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti discussed the problems arising from restarting Serie A as early as is being proposed. He also evoked the chances the Milanese club has in bringing Lionel Messi to the club, having tried to bring the Argentinian to the club himself in his time as president.

“The sacrifices we are asking of big clubs and the cut in players’ salaries has to translate into some form of support for lower leagues. It’s the small clubs that are more at risk and right now not even the industrial world can sustain them, given that it is also in difficulty.”

“Maybe it’s too early for a decision. The health of the players will have to be monitored very closely. We can’t just decide, ‘alright, let’s go’, and start the next day.”

“It’s by no means an impossible dream. Perhaps it wasn’t before this situation, and I think there is an effort on the part of the owners to try and bring him to Inter. I’m not sure if this situation will change the objective positively or negatively, but it has disrupted everything. We can’t be overly opportunistic because exploiting this situation can rock football, but I think there is a possibility that we see rather strange things at the end of the season.”


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