Mauro Zárate on his time in Italy: “Leaving Lazio was a mistake.”

Speaking to Argentinian paper Clarín, Boca Juniors forward Mauro Zárate spoke about his time playing in Italy, having appeared for Lazio, Inter and Fiorentina.

“Leaving Lazio was a mistake, when I was a idol there. Having made this error, I then went to West Ham and started to play well, but then I decided to leave because I didn’t like the position I was playing in.”

“I then went [to Fiorentina], earned a starting spot and started playing at a good level. Not long afterwards, my wife Naty fell ill and the manager [Paulo Sousa] wasn’t understanding with me. This blocked me and I wasn’t able to overcome the situation. I knew that he would be gone within three months and I still had a three-year contract. But I couldn’t take it and I left – I was very sad because I didn’t want to leave.”

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