Paulo Dybala on Juventus players’ pay cut: “It was difficult to come to an agreement.”

In an video interview published on the Argentinian FA’s website, Paulo Dybala spoke at length about his experience living with COVID-19, as well as the decision taken by Juventus players to accept a salary cut of four months.

“We’re feeling better, these days we don’t have as many symptoms, be it me or her [his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini]. I had a few stronger ones, so when I wanted to train I was tired out very quickly, after five or ten minutes. That’s when we knew something was wrong, so then they told us through the tests that we were positive. After that we had other symptoms, like coughing, or exhaustion. At night I felt very cold in my sleep. But we are staying calm and we talk to the doctor if there’s anything wrong.”

“The other day Chiellini called me, he’d had a chat with the president [Agnelli], and the club was asking us to help them. This was because the club, right now, has no income from anywhere and is now on the stock market, which changes the way they work. So the captain asked us if we could do something for them, so in the end they signed a statement saying that we would give up part of our salary to help the club at this time.”

“There were differing opinions in the group. For example, some players might have needed a few more games for an appearance-based bonus. Each player came up with different idea, and it was difficult to come to an agreement. The players who’d been here for longer had a chat, and we came to the conclusion that this was the best solution. We don’t know what’s going to happen, maybe in fifteen days they’ll tell us we can play again, with or without fans.”

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