Romelu Lukaku on living under quarantine: “I just miss regular life”

During a video interview with Arsenal legend Ian Wright, Romelu Lukaku spoke about his experience living under quarantine, with Italy under complete lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19.

“I just miss the regular life. Being with my mum, being with my son; even being with my brother. It’s bad because you can’t have contact anymore with another human being. I miss training, I miss playing in front of fans – now, you start appreciating what you have.”

“It makes me think about what I was going through as a kid. Now, you have to be careful with everybody – you could touch someone and they might have the virus. I can’t go home because my mum has diabetes, they’re the people who have a higher risk of getting into trouble when they get it”.

“Every day at 12, they send someone from the training ground to bring us food, so we keep to our strict diet. They asked us if we had a bike or treadmill at our houses. Everyone was saying that they didn’t, so two hours later they sent us all bikes.”

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