Lazio boss Sarri hits out at Inter: “If anyone had to put the ball out, it was them.”

Lazio boss Maurizio Sarri has hit out at Inter, following the Biancocelesti’s 3-1 win over the Nerazzurri in Serie A.

Controversy ensued the game, with the main focus being the second Lazio goal. Felipe Anderson had scored after Federico Dimarco had hit the ground because of an injury but instead of playing the ball out, both teams carried on playing. The fights continued beyond the 90 minutes too.

Sarri spoke at the post-game interview about the second goal and stated that Inter should’ve put the ball out instead of Lazio.

The ex-Chelsea boss said: “When Dimarco remains on the ground, Inter has the ball: if anyone had to put the ball out it was them. There is little to debate: with a man on the ground they went to the end, we continued to play and there is a precise regulation. These scenes are seen only in Italy, in England, you continue to play.”

As a result of the win, Lazio climbed to fifth in the league and Inter sufffered their first defeat of the season.

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