Napoli try to reduce Osimhen ban to make him available for Juventus tie

Napoli are working hard to reduce Victor Osimhen’s ban, so that they can have him available for the game against Juventus.

This comes from La Gazzetta dello Sport, who claim that while Osimhen is banned for two matches and will miss Napoli’s games against Genoa and Juventus as well, the sports judge had suggested in his statement that the ban was because the striker’s act was ‘voluntary’ against Venezia and it took place when the ball wasn’t in play.

Napoli want to appeal against this ruling, by claiming that Osimhen only tried to free himself from Daan Heymans, who hadn’t even suffered physical damage from the act. They will also try to clarify that since the corner was going to be taken, the ball was in play. 

They are aiming to get the ban reduced to one, so that the player can be free to play against Juventus.

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