Serie A fans to return to stadiums in May in certain regions

ANSA report that as part of the gradual reopening of the country announced by Italy prime minister Mario Draghi this afternoon, fans will be allowed to return to stadiums from May 1 in regions where certain Covid-19 related requirements are met.

The measure will see a maximum of 1,000 spectators attend outdoor stadiums in regions that have met the requirements to be considered a “yellow zone” – Italy has until now used a traffic light system to determine the various Covid-19 restrictions to be applied in each region depending on the severity of the pandemic in each area, with all currently being either amber or red. Mario Draghi announced this afternoon that the possibility for a region to be “upgraded” to a yellow zone will be in place from April 26, which would allow for a loosening of restrictions.

The new regulations would also allow for five-a-side football to return, as well as for other contact sports to take place.


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