An €80m surge in the selling price as Milan close in on a takeover

Bahrain-based firm Investcorp are closing in on purchasing Milan, with the Elliot management getting a higher price than previously anticipated from the potential sale.

A report from La Gazzetta dello Sport underlines that the Elliot management will receive €1.18billion from the imminent takeover of the Rossoneri by Investcorp.

It was previously reported that the Bahrain-based party would buy Milan for €1.1billion. But now, after negotiations with the current owners of the club, they have added an amount of another €80million to the equation.

The Elliot management are the holders of 99.93% of the Italy-based club, with other private shareholders keeping 0.07% of shares under their belt. As per the reports, Investcorp will only buy Elliot’s holdings at Milan.

The report further confirms that Invescrop want to build a long-term project at the club, with the new owners planning a roadmap for the next 10 years. It is understood that the takeover will be made official within the next few weeks as the negotiations are close to completion. 

Jyotirmoy Halder

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