Juventus may be at risk of points deduction or relegation following board resignation

The Juventus board has resigned from the club and the Bianconeri might at risk of a points deduction or a relegation to the lowest spot in the Serie A table.

La Gazzetta dello Sport have, today, analysed the scenarios that Juve can find themselves in following the board’s resignation. The Italian sports justice code’s Article 31 has regulations around situations like these and there are two different scenarios.

It is stated that if ‘the falsification of one’s accounting or administrative documents or any other illicit or elusive activity (from capital gains to salaries) has made it possible to obtain registration for the championship’, the sanctions can be heavy. One sanction in this regard is the points penalty or the club’s relegation to the last spot in the league table. There can also be a possibility of complete exclusion from the league.

Since Juve were also involved in having personal agreements with players for salary deduction and shifting, Paragraph 3 of Article 31 will also be relevant. In this case, the club will have to pay as much as three times the amount they falsified as a fine and the players involved could be suspended for a month.




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