Milan police department justify pointing a gun at Tiemoue Bakayoko: “Operative situation”

Milan’s police department has justified the act of pointing a gun at Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko recently.

A video had emerged recently of Bakayoko being held by police officers in the early hours of the morning. A gun was pointed at the Frenchman, as he apparently matched the description of a suspect who was involved in a fight amongst foreign nationals earlier.

Via ANSA, the Milan police department have responded to claims of them being ‘racist’ and for not handling the situation well.

They have stated that police officers’ behaviour at that point was justified by an ‘operative situation’ that required ‘the adoption of the highest security measures’ during the scenario. The department has stated that the situation took place because Bakayoko indeed matched the description of someone who was actually involved in the crime.

After his identity was established, Bakayoko was allowed to go about his business as usual.



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