Serie A: Victim of sexual abuse in Manolo Portanova case reveals details of incident

The sexual abuse case involving Genoa’s Manolo Portanova has witnessed a new development, as the alleged victim has opened up about her version of events that took place on the 31st of May, 2021.

According to the prosecution, as published by Secolo XIX, the incident happened in an apartment in the center of Tuscany. It has been described as a night of ‘brutal violence’ and it carries the testimony of the victim.

The victim revealed that the events happened at an apartment owned by a friend of Portanova and one of her friends had gone away with a boy, leaving the victim alone with the player and his other friends.

“At a certain point I felt the presence of other people laughing in the bedroom. I got up with the excuse of taking a bottle of water and turned on the light and in front of me there were three naked men.”

She revealed that the abuses were committed by the three men – one of which was Portanova himself. The report talks of ‘sexual violence, beatings, spitting, insults’ and treating the body of the victim as an ‘object’.

The victim further stated: “I said I didn’t want to do it, but they didn’t stop. I was exhausted, I asked to leave, to call my friend, I was told that she was in the bathroom and she could not intervene, but no one was really looking for her.”

The victim was released after a half an hour and she went to the emergency room of a hospital. The doctor ascertained ‘blows to the hips, buttocks and deep wounds to the private parts’. The medical examination revealed ‘permanent damage’ and it has been reported that the victim has resorted to continuous sessions with a psychiatrist.

She has suffered from acute stress, anxiety, mood swings and reduced appetite. Secolo XIX have also published the defence of the player’s lawyer, who has claimed that there was consent for sexual intercourse with the player but not with the other men. The lawyer of the player has also stated that the ‘relationship’ was consensual.

A statement from the Genoa man has also been published and it says: “From my father and from the world of sport, I have inherited healthy values ​​and respect for everyone, especially women. I am saddened by the psychological damage suffered by the girl.”

On the 7th of June, the player and the other two men have to appear at the court of Siena.

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