Super League expected to be an open tournament, as Juventus, Barcelona and Real draw plans

The European Super League is expected to be a more open tournament than the previously proposed version from 2021.

La Repubblica claim that in the new format of the tournament, there will be more of a focus on sporting merit than established statuses. There will be no permanent members in the tournament, as Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid know that the closed format of the previous proposal was the main issue.

The three clubs want to make the new tournament to be similar to the UEFA Champions League, in terms of it’s format, but it will be completely free from the control of UEFA. It could be possible to qualify for the Super League through finishes in the domestic leagues.

The founding clubs could still have some reserved seats for a limited period only though, but this point is not clear yet. The initial entrants will go down from 12 to 11, as Inter will not be a founding member. The initial format was supposed to have a maximum of 16 members but the new one is expected to have more clubs.

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