Cristiano Ronaldo set to sue Juventus over unpaid wages

Former star Cristiano Ronaldo is now set to sue Juventus for having not paid a certain amount that was promised to him during COVID.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state today that Ronaldo has now finally made the decision to sue the Bianconeri, who had not paid him an amount of €19.9 million as they had tried to save finances during the COVID era. Ronaldo has already spoken to the Turin Prosecutor’s Office about the situation and he took the decision to take action after that.

Paulo Dybala had also spoken to the Turin Prosecutor but had then reached an agreement with Juve to be paid back the amount of €3 million in wages. 

During the COVID era, Juve had resorted to two financial means. The first means was to have the salaries of all the players deferred. The second means saw the club speak to some specific players to do the same and this was discussed privately through their entourages, as they promised a later payment. Private documents to indicate that were also signed between the two parties but Juve have not yet paid Ronaldo’s deferred wage.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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