Italy could be handed extra Champions League berth because of UEFA Coefficient

Italy’s recent improvement in the UEFA Coefficient seasonal ranking will potentially provide Serie A clubs to fight for something elusive.

Gianluca Di Marzio furnishes an outline about how the rise in the UEFA Coefficient is going to help Italy’s representation in Europe. 9.142 is Italian football’s score in the UEFA ranking of 2023/24. This score has settled the country second in the rankings behind first-placed Germany which have a Coefficient of 10.071. Italy’s boost in the standings is due to the positive performances of Inter, Milan and Lazio in the Champions League, Atalanta in the Europa League and Fiorentina in the Conference League.

UEFA have laid out a new rule from next term which will allow the top two countries finishing in the rankings to send an extra team from their top-tier league to the Champions League. As of now, the top four sides of the Serie A at the end of the season enjoy qualification to the group stages of Europe’s prized competition but in the event Italy manages to hold their position in the Coefficients, the fifth team from the league will gain automatic qualification to the Champions League group stage. 

This event will certainly increase the competition in Serie A and will credit the bonus side qualifying for Europe financially. 


Trambak Bhattacherjee | GIFN


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