Jose Mourinho accused of unsportsmanlike behaviour in Roma Under-14s clash

There has been talk of Roma manager Jose Mourinho behaving in an unsportsmanlike behaviour during Roma Under-14s’ recent derby game against Lazio Under-14s.

A video of Mourinho celebrating with the Giallorossi youngsters had gone viral but Il Messaggero (via Corriere della Sera) have highlighted a different side to the Portuguese’s visit to the Under-14s game last Sunday.

It is stated that Lazio have accused Mourinho of refusing to sticking to simply watching the game. The Roma boss reportedly booed a Lazio Under-14s player called Alexandru Milou, when he was taking a penalty in the clash on Sunday. When Roma Under-14s went ahead, Mourinho is said to have told the team’s players to feign injury and resort to time wasting to win the game.

Lazio Under-14s coach Tobia Assumma also criticised Mourinho at that point, saying: “No, mister. This is not done.”

The Biancocelesti are said to be quite unhappy about the Roma manager’s behaviour.


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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