Milan could be forced to sell Rafael Leão in the summer amidst complicating renewal

Milan will be forced to sell Rafael Leão in the summer transfer window, if the Rossoneri don’t manage to sign him to a new deal at the club.

Daniele Longo has reported that Ricky Massara and Paolo Maldini will use the international break as a means to reconnect with Leão’s entourage. The player is keen on staying but there is a key difference between the financial package offered by Milan and one that Leão and his entourage want.

Milan put forward a fixed amount of €6 million per season plus bonuses that will take it upto €7 million. But Leão would like a fixed wage of €7.5 million and time is now running out for the Rossoneri to work on a renewal.

In the next meeting involving the two parties, two key pointers will be looked at. One is the wage on offer and the second is the payment of €15 million fine to Sporting. Leão expects substantial help from Milan in the form of a signing bonus but at the moment there are no openings to this type of solution from the Rossoneri.

If a solution isn’t found, Leão will leave Milan in the summeer and the Rossoneri will not want to lose him for free in the summer of 2024.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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