New video shows Prisma prosecutor Ciro Santoriello mocking Juventus

A new video has emerged which shows Prima investigation prosecutor Ciro Santoriello mocking Juventus.

This comes after the first video had left authorities surprised and looking at the situation Santoriello, who had admitted at a conference back in 2019 that he hates Juventus and loves Napoli. But Corriere della Sera claim that in a video, Santoriello is asked to speak about a topic and he mocks the Bianconeri and their inability to win the UEFA Champions League.

He describes the subject as ‘a wish that is absolutely unattainable, like, for example, Juventus winning the Champions League’.

Santoriello is heading Juve’s Prisma Investigation, alongside Marco Gianoglio and his colleague Mario Bendoni. But reflections are now ongoing as to whether Santoriello should be removed from the investigation and be replaced by Anna Maria Loreto. There is an expectation that if Santoriello is not removed from the investigation, the defence (Juve) could use his presence as suspicision to swing things in their favour.

A decision will be taken in the next few days, with the initial Prisma hearing set for the 27th of March.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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