Prosecutor of Juventus’ Prisma Investigation: “I hate Juve, I’m a Napoli fan”

Ciro Santoriello, who is one of the prosecutors in Juventus’ controversial Prisma investigation, had given an interview back in 2019 in which he admitted that he is a Napoli fan and he ‘hates’ the Bianconeri.

The interview took place back on June 14th, 2019 at a conference organized by some Milanese law firms at the Spazio Chiossetto. The conference involved discussions about football club budgets, capital gains and football finances in Italian football in general.

Santoriello is one of the three prosecutors who are leading investigations for the Prisma scandal and Sky Italia have relayed some quotes from that interview, with Santoriello saying: 

“As president of a football club, I’m not good only if I make profits but also if I win the championships. Sometimes, however, there is a relationship of incompatibility between the two things. I admit it, I’m a huge Napoli fan and I hate Juventus. As a fan, Napoli is important, as a prosecutor I am an anti-Juventus supporter, I’m against thieves on the pitch.”

In the extended version of the interview, Santoriello also said that he will not speak too much about Juventus because of his dislike for the Bianconeri, who have already been handed a 15-point deduction because of the capital gains saga. The preliminary hearing for the Prisma investigation takes place at the end of March.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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