Pippo Inzaghi compares Roma’s Romelu Lukaku to Gabriel Batistuta

Milan legend Filippo Inzaghi expects Romelu Lukaku to project a similar influence as Gabriel Batistuta on Roma. 

Speaking in an interview with Il Messaggero, Reggina manager and Serie A leegend Filippo Inzaghi compared fellow Calcio hero Gabriel Batistuta to Roma’s new signing Romelu Lukaku and said how the arrival of the Belgian will help Jose Mourinho bring his club closer to the Scudetto. The former Milan striker remarked: “Lukaku’s effect on Roma could be the same as the one he had in that city Batistuta. Do you remember it? The push towards the championship was dictated precisely by the arrival of the Argentine. The square lit up and also the team

‘Batigol’ left Fiorentina at the start of the 2000-01 season for Roma and his 20-goal haul over the course of the season helped the Giallorossi secure their first Scudetto title since 1983. It was also the first Scudetto champions medal for the Argentine who despite having a legendary career with Fiorentina couldn’t achieve the feat. Roma haven’t won the Serie A since then.

The influence of Batistuta at Roma was remarkable and Inzaghi expects Lukaku to contribute a similar effect on Jose Mourinho’s side this season. It remains to be seen whether he can reach those same heights which he achieved with Inter, with the Giallorossi having failed to win the first three games of the season. 


Trambak Bhattacherjee | GIFN


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