Sergio Busquets on Champions League final: “Inter capable of hurting Manchester City”

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has spoken about the upcoming Champions League final, saying that even though everyone believes that Manchester City are favourites, Inter can’t be counted out.

Busquets has already revealed that he will leave Barcelona at the end of the season and the Spaniard recently spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport about his future, Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, the Champions League final and Luis Enrique’s links with a move to Napoli.

The midfielder spoke about the Champions League final and stated: “Everyone thinks City will win, but watch out. First because anything can happen in a final, and it’s not a cliche. And secondly, and this is even more important, when you play against a team like Inter who have such a precise, identified and tested system, with 5 defenders, 3 midfielders and two forwards, everything becomes very difficult. 

“Inter close down very well in the middle they are very collected and have the help of the forwards. I say this from experience, because we played twice this year and suffered. Inter may not create many chances, but they play with two forwards against two centre-backs, and there, in this situation, I see Inter capable of hurting Manchester City. Anything can happen.”

The midfielder was also quizzed about his future, amidst links with a move to Saudi Arabia. He revealed that he will not be playing in Europe because he does not want to play against the Catalan giants.

“I’m going to play outside Europe, I don’t know where yet. I can’t think of having to face Barça as an opponent for important goals. It would be very difficult, and I don’t want to.”

There has been much talk about Pep Guardiola and whether he is the best coach the Premier League has ever seen, with City now close to winning the first treble in their history and the first in English football since Manchester United achieved that in 1999. Busquets gave his views about his former manager and said that he is the best manager ever.

“Because he improves everything he touches. The teams, and the players. He won in Spain, in Germany, in England. And he is always leaving a mark. Ok, they are strong teams, but with him they have progressed, they have acquired something more, and a precise identity. And the players have grown. Everyone plays the way he wants. 

“In these 15 years he has tried many new things, his evolution is continuous, he has adapted to other cultures, to other ideas. This year he invented the Stones positional change. Previously he had worked on the concept of the lateral. He took the ‘9’, after unsuccessfully trying here with Ibrahimovic and in Haaland he found alternative solutions.”





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