Paul Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta on the player’s future: “He is ready to play tomorrow, he is ready for any situation”

Paul Pogba’s agent reveals the player’s ‘champion’ mentality and that he is ready for any situation regarding his future. 

Speaking in an interview with Cronache di Spogliatoio, Rafaela Pimenta announced that her client Paul Pogba is making good use of his suspension time and focusing on improving his fitness levels. She said: “Pogba could return to the pitch tomorrow. He is ready for any situation, he is also a champion mentally. He takes a blow, digests it and moves on. He didn’t move forward irresponsibly: he trains knowing that he must be ready Sometimes I tell him: ‘Shall we do something else?’. And he gets angry, he says to me: ‘Rafa! I have to train. You haven’t understood: I have to play, I have to win and I have to finish a journey that I started’. If he were to play tomorrow, he could come on the pitch and play. Obviously, it’s a difficult moment to overcome.”

The 30-year-old tested positive in the initial analyses and counter-analyses for a testosterone test taken after Juventus’ clash against Udinese on 20 August and was subsequently suspended from playing competitive football on 11 September. Upon request by the Frenchman’s lawyers, the date of hearing for the case at the National Anti-Doping Tribunal was no longer held on 18 January and was rescheduled after 15 February. 

It should be noted that Pogba was never found positive for Testosterone but for Pentadeidroepiandrosterone, a precursor hormone of testosterone. A recommendation from the authorities after the hearing is expected and that may determine the midfielder’s future. There is an expectation that the Frenchman could be suspended for over one year.


Trambak Bhattacherjee | GIFN


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