Roma boss Daniele de Rossi criticises VAR after Inter defeat: “The regulation is not well written”

 Roma boss Daniele de Rossi has criticised VAR regulations after the club’s loss to Inter in the Serie A.

Roma were leading against Inter at halftime, with the scoreline 2-1 when the first half ended. A Marcus Thuram brace and a goal from Alessandro Bastoni in the second half made sure that Inter won 4-2, but Roma gave a good account of themselves in possession.

A point of contention arrived in the first half during Inter’s first goal. Thuram seemed to be blocking Rui Patricio’s view but the Portuguese goalkeeper had to dive in the opposition direction when Francesco Acerbi had scored. VAR allowed the goal to stand.

De Rossi told that the goal was right to have stood, but criticised the poorly written nature of VAR regulations.

“I spoke to Guida [referee] and told him that many offsides have been given, but for me it is never offside. The only controversy is that, many have been given offside in situations like this, but in my opinion the direction is to validate goals like this. The regulation is not written very well, every touch or slap in the face is yellow and everyone is on the ground, we want to make every offside appear active and that’s not the case, they should help us rewrite the regulation.

“I like this one a little less for the lesser player, I would like to see the goal again as I haven’t seen it well yet, but for me it needed to be validated. I saw it quickly at half-time, Thuram’s position didn’t seem influential to me, for my football it’s a goal, for today’s football it’s offside, but for the football we want to chase it’s not offside.”

Roma’s loss to Inter was only their first under De Rossi, who had won the previous three and had helped the club climb higher up in the table.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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